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What is a Blissy Video?

A group video montage made easy!

Easy to Create

Invite a group of friends to record short videos to surprise a loved one or a special friend. We will help you put it all together. Choose the order of videos, add photos, music, and colors. Complete your Blissy video with introductions and closing comments and …voilá! The MAGIC happens.

A Blissy Moment

Give the sheer bliss of a surprise video gift that can be watched over and over again. What's better than a group of special people together, sharing memories, fun facts, and best wishes from who really cares? Imagine how they will feel when they press play.

Unique Video Gift

If you want to be remarkable and you're looking for the best gift idea this year, we have you covered. Whether it’s your mom’s birthday or your friend’s graduation, a Blissy video sends the right message. Ideal for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation, or simply saying "I miss you" or "Get well soon."

A Blissy Video for every occasion

Baby Shower
Get Well
Good Luck
Mother's/Father's Day
Employee Recognition

How Does It Work?

Just 2 minutes to start and no editing required.


Invite People

Create the link to the surprise video and share it with family and friends, inviting them to participate.


Collect Videos

Guests upload video messages using the link you shared on any device.


Send & Surprise

Upload photos and your own video message. Blissy Vídeo then creates the surprise video gift to be sent.


Start for free
Upgrade Anytime

Free Public Version

  • Blissy Use 3 videos and photos for free
  • Blissy Public Video Gift hosted in our YouTube channel
  • Blissy Not downloadable Video Gift
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add photos too?

Yes. The photo will be featured for 4 seconds, and like any video, you can choose the order that they will be displayed.

How do I invite participants to join the montage?

As soon as you start a new Blissy Video project, you will be given a unique link which you can send to invite friends, family members, colleagues, and other participants to join your montage. You can send the link either via SMS, any other instant messaging app, email, or social media.

How can participants record their video greetings?

Your participants can create their video greetings through their cell phone camera or any video app that they use — either on their mobile phones or personal computer. They can record or upload directly at the link you sent them. You will be notified each time a new video has arrived.

Does it work on any device?

Yes, our service works on and with any modern device (i.e. PC, Mac, Android, iOS).

Do the participants need to download an app?

The participants or invitees will never need to download any external apps to record or submit their videos. You and your invitees can use their mobile cameras, or our mobile-friendly in-browser recording makes obtaining video reviews a hassle-free process.

How long can a Blissy Video be?

You can create a video montage up to 40 minutes — enough time to be the best gift ever!

Can I delete a video from an invitee?

Yes, there is a video delete option. But only you, the person who is creating the video, can choose to delete any video submission that you consider not appropriate, either on free version, or the paid version.

Can a participant upload photos?

No, only you, the person who is creating the video gift can upload photos.

Are Blissy Videos private?

All Blissy Video gifts in the paid version are kept private and confidential. Only who has the link can view the montage, download, and share it. If you wish to share the final video with others, or on Social Media, it’s totally up to you! Nevertheless, on the free version, the video gift will be hosted on our YouTube channel, organized in a playlist by Month & Year. In the free version, Blissy Video has the right to use the video on their social media, homepage, or advertisement. Please read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more details.

What video formats can I upload?

You can upload any .MOV or .MP4 extension videos. MOV is known for providing better quality files, better picture quality, better ability to enhance sound while also giving better picture resolution. While MP4 is the most popular and commonly used file format.

Is Blissy Video free?

We offer a free version limited by up to the 3 first submissions (videos or photos). In the Free Version, Blissy Video keeps the right to use the video on our social media or ads. On the paid version, you can have unlimited videos and photos.

How many videos can my Blissy Video hold?

In the paid version, for $15, you can reunite as many videos and photos you wish. In the free version you can have up to 3 submissions in total, including video or photos.

Is Blissy Video a subscription? Do I have to pay monthly or just one time?

You pay only when you need to create a new video gift. Think of Blissy Video as a virtual greeting card, a gift. It’s not a monthly subscription.

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